About Us


Hey there, Namaste, Bonjour, Hola, Hallo. I’m Vasav Trehan from India.

During this pandemic (Covid-19) we had to stay home and that too the whole day. Fortunately, there was no school, however, unfortunately, no movies, no friend’s houses, no malls, no shopping, only sitting at home & munching. Due to all of this, I was glued to watching television and playing mobile games.

One fine day I scuffed my head to understand how the apps and sites are developed? What is causing them to function? I kept asking these questions and after a few days of my head hunching and stumbling, I was amused by the answer, Programming! And my inquisitiveness in this area, surged! This caused me to foster my love for Technology & Programming. 

I saw a light of hope when my father introduced me to introductory Python Programming and then I continued myself. The first few days of my learning were as difficult as learning rocket science. I’m currently learning the father of all languages C. In totality in familiar with Python, C, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and on the way to learning Java. 

Today, not just Coding I’m skilled in writing Technical blogs on Technifyed.com, I maintain my own website through WordPress. Not just this, I’m sure you follow me on @technifyedoffficial on Instagram. I’m capable of editing with DaVinci Resolve and Filmora Pro. All the content like images, featured images, illustrations, and banners, are created by me on Canva.com.  

What’s our motive?

To be clear, Technifyed’s motive is to simplify Tech for Everyone so, I warmly welcome all of you to Technifyed.

What Content do we serve?

  1. How-tos and Guides
  2. Hacks and Shortcuts
  3. Programming
  4. Reviews and Comparisons

Let’s be friends

I’m on my way to hone my skills, as the journey is long, it will be great to have you by my side on this ride.  Let’s do it together. Let’s be friends