10 Best Free AI Courses Online

In a world where artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming sectors at an unprecedented rate, having a fundamental understanding of its concepts and uses has become a vital advantage across a wide range of professional landscapes. What’s the good news? To understand the complexity of AI, you don’t need to enroll in a lengthy university degree. A profusion of online courses have evolved, catering to both beginners and seasoned experts, with a range of learning routes ranging from principles to sophisticated application.

Whether you want to go towards creating your own artificial neural networks or simply understand how AI can address real-world problems without prior technical knowledge, there’s a course for you. In this post, we’ll walk you through the “10 Best Free AI Courses Online,” which offer a wide range that caters to a variety of learning tastes and competence levels. So brace up as we dive into the fascinating world of AI education, which is only a click away!

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is the replication of human intelligence in machines, allowing them to learn from experiences, adapt to new knowledge, and make judgments. AI applications span from complex models such as ChatGPT to basic tasks such as image classification.

What’s the difference between AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning?

AI spans a variety of methodologies, with Machine Learning (ML) being a subset that use algorithms to analyze data, discover patterns, and predict outcomes. Deep Learning (DL) is a subset of ML that employs artificial neural networks with several layers that mimic the structure of the human brain.

Why should you learn AI?

AI professionals are in high demand. According to LinkedIn, tech experts with AI skills are in great demand. The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report emphasizes the importance of artificial intelligence in future employment. According to Glassdoor, the average income for Machine Learning Engineers in the United States is $120K.

Even if you are not interested in pursuing a career in AI, knowing its impact on numerous industries is critical. AI-generated information, arguments on AI ethics, and the general public’s access to it all make it critical to form informed conclusions.

Simply said, learning about AI is not only cool; it is in high demand, can land you a lucrative job, and will help you navigate the tech-driven world we live in!

Best Free AI Courses Online

Google’s Generative AI Learning Path

Google offers a fantastic learning path called Generative AI, which includes ten classes. Each course is completed in one day.

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So, there are seven introductory courses, such as “Introduction to Generative AI” and “Generative AI Fundamentals.” These are the essentials. Then there are three slightly more sophisticated courses, such as “Encoder-Decoder Architecture.”

In the first two basic courses, you learn amazing things like how to use prompt tweaking with large language models. They even discuss how to employ artificial intelligence ethically.

The best part? No examinations! However, after you complete a course, you will receive a nice completion medal for your online resume. It’s like a virtual high-five from Google.

Microsoft AI Classroom Series on Microsoft Learn

Take a look at the Microsoft AI Classroom Series! It’s similar to a series of short videos that make learning about AI enjoyable and simple. It’s like a series of short videos that teach you all you need to know about AI in a fun way.

They cover topics such as AI Business School, which is ideal for beginners. It discusses how AI may improve customer service, product concepts, and even marketing and sales.

There’s also a course called Responsible AI. It all boils down to ensuring that AI is fair, dependable, private, inclusive, transparent, and accountable. This is critical information!

The most exciting part is, that You can watch these videos on Microsoft Learn for free, and you don’t even need to sign up. The lessons are short, about 3 to 5 minutes apiece, so you can easily fit them into your schedule. 

Stanford University – Machine Learning

Stanford University offers a great Machine Learning course that you may take on Coursera. Andrew Ng, a famous name in the realm of artificial intelligence, is the teacher!

What’s the best part? You can learn everything for free. However, you can also pay for a certification, which could come in handy if you want to show off your AI talents to potential employers.

In this course, you’ll learn about real-world applications such as speech recognition and making web searches smarter. It gets a little technical at times, discussing linear regression and how neural networks “learn” through backpropagation. They even include a Matlab course, which is a prominent language for AI technologies. 

Linkedin’s “Career Essentials In Generative AI” training course

Check out LinkedIn’s course “Career Essentials in Generative AI”! It’s basically five videos totaling roughly four hours. Each video is guided by a different AI specialist who discusses interesting topics and critical AI ethics.

In one video, they demonstrate how to use Microsoft Bing Chat to make your work flow more smoothly. Another examines the distinctions between search engines and thinking engines. There are no certificates, but upon completion, you will receive a great completion badge for your LinkedIn profile.

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“An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence,” the fifth film, lasts around an hour and a half. It concisely summarizes the finest AI technologies for organizations. This is ideal if you’re new to AI for employment.

Columbia University – AI Course

Columbia University provides a comprehensive Machine Learning course that is accessible for free online, with an optional certification available for those who require it. The course spans 12 weeks and covers a range of models, methods, and applications for addressing real-world challenges. The curriculum includes both probabilistic and non-probabilistic methods, along with supervised and unsupervised learning. To derive the maximum benefit from the course, participants are encouraged to dedicate around eight to ten hours per week to study the materials and complete exercises. This Ivy League-level education is offered through edX, a non-profit online course provider, and is part of the Artificial Intelligence nano degree.

Nvidia – Fundamentals of Deep Learning for Computer Vision

Nvidia, a prominent manufacturer of graphics processing units (GPUs), offers the Fundamentals of Deep Learning for Computer Vision. This course focuses on the sub-discipline of artificial intelligence known as computer vision, which involves enabling computers to process visual information akin to human perception. In addition to technical fundamentals, the course explores identifying situations that can benefit from machine applications capable of object recognition and image classification. Given Nvidia’s expertise in GPUs, the course also underscores the pivotal role these graphical engines play in the widespread emergence of computer vision applications. The course is designed to take approximately eight hours to complete, culminating in a final assessment involving the building and deployment of a neural net application.

MIT – Deep Learning for Self Driving Cars

MIT’s course on Deep Learning for Self Driving Cars takes a practical approach by using the specific application of self-driving cars to delve into the associated AI technologies. Self-driving cars rely on artificial intelligence to interpret data from an array of sensors and navigate roads safely. The course utilizes the MIT DeepTraffic simulator, challenging students to teach a simulated car to navigate a busy road without collisions. Although the course materials, including lecture videos and exercises, are available online, it’s worth noting that certification is not provided. This course was introduced at the physical university last year and provides valuable insights into the technologies driving the future of autonomous vehicles.

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Intro to TensorFlow for Machine Learning (Udacity)

If you’re eager to dive into building deep-learning applications using TensorFlow, Udacity has a course just for you. Lasting about two months, this course guides you through the process of creating state-of-the-art image classifiers and other deep learning models. To make the most of it, it’s helpful to have some background in Python, including variables, functions, and classes, along with a basic understanding of algebra.

Georgia Tech’s Reinforcement Learning (Udacity)

Georgia Tech also offers a free Udacity course on Reinforcement Learning. Taking around four months to complete, this self-paced program explores automated decision-making from a computer science perspective. While there’s no official certificate, you’ll have the chance to recreate a result from a published paper on reinforcement learning. To succeed in this course, it’s recommended to have a graduate-level machine-learning qualification and some prior experience with reinforcement learning and Java.

Become an AI-Powered Engineer: ChatGPT, Github Copilot (Udemy)

For those interested in becoming an AI-powered engineer, there’s a Udemy course covering ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot. This course teaches you how to create high-quality code using ChatGPT and integrate it with various text editors. It’s well-received, with 56% of reviewers giving it five stars and 24% giving it four stars. Suited for developers aiming to leverage AI tools for coding tasks and enhance their coding efficiency, this course provides practical insights and skills.


The accessibility of artificial intelligence (AI) has reached new heights, thanks to a wealth of free online AI courses. These top 10 online AI courses not only simplify complex AI concepts but also empower learners from diverse backgrounds. With interactive modules, hands-on projects, and real-world applications, these courses make the learning process both informative and enjoyable, creating a solid foundation in this cutting-edge field.

The allure of free AI courses lies in their affordability and flexibility, offering engaging learning experiences. Aspiring AI enthusiasts can delve into fundamental and advanced concepts, meeting the rising demand for AI skills. This democratizing force levels the playing field for students, professionals, and the curious, showcasing the inclusive nature of the digital age.

Now is the time to explore the world of free AI courses online. Whether you’re a student augmenting academic pursuits, a professional seeking to upskill, or an enthusiast driven by curiosity, these courses unlock doors to a future shaped by the transformative potential of artificial intelligence.

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