Multiple Blue Rings

Welcome warriors! Dive into Call of Duty Warzone 3's latest, greatest battleground adventures! 

Welcome to Warzone 3 

Urzikstan Awaits You 

Unleash mayhem on Urzikstan, the fresh battle royale map. Strategy is key! 

Moves and Weapons 

Experience Modern Warfare 3's slick moves and guns. Your fight, your style! 

Season 1 Bonanza 

Season 1 brings more maps, modes, and zombie tales. The battle heats up! 

Brand-New Action 

Get 3 new maps, a new mode, a vest, and 2 killstreaks. Gear up for victory! 

20-Minute Clashes 

Enjoy intense 20-minute matches. Quick, fierce, and fun fights await! 

The Gas Circle Challenge 

Master the new Gas Circle timers and sizes. Survive the squeeze! 

Second Chance Thrills 

Don't give up! More redeploy chances mean more action till the last breath! 

Vital Signs on HUD 

Keep an eye on your health and stamina. Stay alive, stay fighting! 

Sneaky Bug Fixes 

No more secrets for defusers. We've outsmarted the cheat buzz! 

Gulag Tokens 

Collect and share Gulag entry tokens. Show your mates you care! 

Warzone 3 is Free! 

Jump in for free on any platform. No cost, just combat! 

Game Modes Galore 

From Cutthroat to Ground War, pick your battle flavor. Fight your way! 

Master the Modes 

Try Gun Game and Highrise 24/7. Be the weapon wizard, be the champion! 

Endless Fun 

Dominate in Control, Domination, and more. Your battlefield, endless thrills!