What's Google Voice?

Discover amazing Google Voice hacks! Perfect for everyone seeking smarter calls & texts. Save time & money now! 

Easy Setup! 

Just sign up, choose a number, and add your phones. Start making calls with Google Voice today and stay connected easily. 

All-in-One Calls & Texts 

Install the Google Voice app and manage all your calls and messages in one place. Keep your personal number private! 

Call Screening Feature 

Know who calls before answering. Google Voice asks them to say their name first. You decide to pick the call or not. 

Voicemail with Words 

Google Voice can write down your voicemail. Read messages fast without listening. Great when you're busy! 

Record Calls 

Legally save important calls with a tap. Very useful for keeping track of big conversations and meetings. 

Special Greetings 

Use the old Google Voice to set unique voicemails for friends, family, or work. Make every caller feel special! 

Block Annoying Calls 

Turn on Google Voice's spam filter. Stop annoying robocalls and messages. Relax and enjoy only important calls. 

Works with Google Apps 

Google Voice works with Contacts, Calendar, and Gmail. Manage your work better and save time for what's important. 

Get Google Voice Today! 

Google Voice makes life easier. Download now and enjoy a free, powerful phone service made just for Indians like you!