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Discover tools that tell if work is AI-written. Perfect for teachers and bosses! 

We've tested the best tools to see which catches AI texts and which doesn't. 

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Spot AI writing without spending a rupee. Simple and accurate! 

1. GPTZero - The Budget-Friendly Detector

Detect AI text plus get writing help for different English styles. 

"2. Sapling AI - More Than a Checker" 

Scan texts quickly with advanced features. A smart choice for pros! 

"3. Winston's Smart Scans"

Enjoy generous free scans up to 15,000 characters. Simple and ad-free! 

"4. ZeroGPT - Free & Easy"

Teachers, these tools can help you spot copycats using AI for essays. 

"No More Fakes in Class!"

Ensure your staff writers are creating original content, not AI-generated. 

"Bosses, Keep Your Team Honest" 

Remember, use these tools as a guide. They are not 100% foolproof. 

"Accuracy is Key"

Stay ahead of cheats with these tools. No AI can fool you now! 

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