Reclaim Your Start Menu 

Bring back the familiar Windows 10 Start menu in just a few clicks. Right-click the taskbar and personalize your experience. 

Supercharge Your Taskbar 

Add more apps and tools to your taskbar. Right-click, choose "Show more options", and customize your quick access. 

Master Virtual Desktops 

Organize your workspace with multiple desktops. Press Win + Tab to create new desktops and switch between them. 

Unleash the Power of Snap Layouts 

Quickly organize multiple windows on your screen. Hover over the maximize button and choose your preferred layout. 

Focus Assist: Goodbye Distractions! 

Block notifications and stay focused on your work. Click on the notification center and activate Focus Assist. 

Secret Start Menu Tricks 

Right-click on the Start menu icon for instant access to Run, Search, and more. 

Peek at Your Desktop Instantly 

Click on the small, hidden button at the bottom right corner of your taskbar to minimize all windows. 

Customize Your Quick Settings Panel 

Add or remove quick settings buttons for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other features. Click the edit icon in the Quick Settings panel. 

Explore Hidden Files and Folders 

Press Win + R and type "control folders", then uncheck "Hide protected operating system files". 

Unlock Ultimate Efficiency 

Combine these hacks to create a personalized Windows 11 experience that boosts your productivity and workflow.