10 Free Data Science Courses With Certificate: A Roadmap for Data Scientists

Demand for skilled data scientists remains high, with IBM reportedly predicting a 28% growth in the number of employed data scientists over the next two years.

Businesses across all industries are starting to capitalize on the massive rise in data and the new big data technologies that are becoming accessible for analyzing and extracting value from it.

This makes it an excellent option for anyone searching for a well-paying job in an exciting and cutting-edge sector.

So, If you are looking to enter the world of data science, but are unsure of what courses, books, or bootcamps to go ahead with, Continue reading this article, and you will find a list of FREE data science courses which are online to help you build that new skill at your pace and style.

What is Data Science?

Imagine data science as an information supersleuth in the enormous the world of data. It’s similar to having a detective that sifts through mountains of data in search of insightful information. For the purpose of assisting companies in making wise decisions, data science entails gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data. Think of data scientists as the people who put all the pieces of a large jigsaw together to make sense.

Who are Data Scientists?

The Sherlock Holmes of the data world are data scientists! They are professionals who mine vast amounts of data for knowledge, patterns, and trends by applying their investigative skills. To crack the code of complicated data sets, they use a variety of talents from computer science, statistics, mathematics, and domain-specific knowledge. In essence, they transform unstructured data into insightful narratives that direct companies and institutions.

Scope of Data Scientists in the Future:

The future for data scientists is as bright as a starry night. Here are a few cool facts about the scope of data scientists:

  • In-Demand Superheroes: Today companies are searching for these superheroes who can handle data! Businesses need professionals who can make sense of the growing amount of digital data. Data scientists can help with it. They are and will remain highly sought after.
  • Every Industry Needs Them: Data scientists are required in every industry, including healthcare, banking, entertainment, and sports. Their abilities are useful in practically every industry since they function as a universal key to reveal the secrets concealed in data.
  • Technology’s Ideal Companion: The demand for data scientists is growing along with the advancement of technology. Big Data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are all starting to permeate every aspect of our lives, and data scientists are the unsung heroes who keep everything running smoothly in the background.
  • Problem Solvers: Data scientists are magicians when it comes to fixing problems. Through data analysis, they solve problems in the real world, save businesses money, create better products, and even advance scientific research.
  • Constant Learning: Data scientists are lifelong learners, and the world of data is continually changing. To keep ahead of the game, they are always learning new techniques and resources. Because of this, they will be valued in the future in addition to today.
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So, if you love solving puzzles, playing with numbers, and uncovering hidden stories, the world of data science might just be your perfect playground!

How Does a Free Data Science Course Benefit You?

Employers are realizing that having people who can use data and analytics to solve problems is like having a superpower in the workplace! And get this – it doesn’t matter what job you have or where you started in the company.

Why is this happening? Well, there’s this cool thing called self-service infrastructure and tools. They’re like magical helpers that do a bunch of the techy stuff automatically. Imagine not having to do all the boring parts of dealing with data – the cleaning, preparing, and analyzing. These tools make it possible for regular folks to do advanced things like predicting future trends and automating tasks without having to be coding wizards.

But here’s the interesting part – even though these tools make things easier, it’s like having a fancy camera. Sure, it can take great pictures on its own, but someone who knows the principles of photography will take even better shots. Similarly, understanding the principles behind data and analytics puts you in a better spot to use these tools like a pro.

So, if you want to upgrade your CV with some awesome analytics skills, there are these courses you can check out. And get this – you can learn a lot without spending a single penny. But here’s the catch – some of them might charge you if you want a certificate to show off your new skills.

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It’s like getting a key to unlock a whole new level of awesomeness in your career! 

Best Free Data Science Course With Certificate

Check out these amazing, completely free data science courses that are designed for beginners and cover a wide range of important subjects:

Python for Data Science (freeCodeCamp): If you’re taking your first steps with Python, this course is an excellent starting point. Delve into the basics of programming, understand the advantages of using Python for data science, and get hands-on experience installing Anaconda, launching Jupyter notebooks, coding in the iPython Shell, and more.

Dive into the world of Python for Data Science: Link to the course

What is Data Science? (Coursera): Coursera’s self-paced 9-hour course is thoughtfully designed for individuals with no prior programming experience. Over the duration of the course, immerse yourself in the intricacies of functions, variables, conditionals, loops, and other foundational concepts that lay the groundwork in the realm of data science.

Explore the intricacies of Python programming: Link to the course

Data Science: R Basics (Harvard University): Opting for R as your programming language of choice? Start your journey with Harvard’s Data Science: R Basics course. This comprehensive offering equips you with the fundamental skills necessary to effectively wrangle, analyze, and visualize data using the R programming language.

Master the basics of R programming: Link to the course

Statistical Learning (edX): Statistics is a cornerstone of data science. Immerse yourself in the world of statistical modeling and data science tools through this edX course, covering topics such as an overview of statistical learning, linear regression, classification, deep learning, and more.

Uncover the tools of statistical modeling: Link to the course

Statistics Fundamentals (Josh Starmer): If you’re a fan of learning through videos, Josh Starmer’s YouTube channel offers a treasure trove of content. Delve into various statistical and probability concepts through clear explanations and practical examples.

Watch and learn with Statistics Fundamentals: Link to the videos

Machine Learning Specialization (Coursera): Crafted by the renowned Andrew Ng, this machine learning specialization comprises three free courses covering supervised machine learning, advanced learning algorithms, and unsupervised learning. Certifications are available for those seeking official recognition.

Explore the world of machine learning.

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Applied Machine Learning (Andreas Mueller): Once you’ve grasped the fundamentals, take the next step and learn how to apply machine learning. Andreas Mueller’s YouTube channel offers a comprehensive series of 22 videos covering topics like visualizations, linear models for regression, gradient boosting, model inspection, feature selection, and more.

Apply your machine learning knowledge: Link to the videos

Feature Engineering (Kaggle): Enhance your understanding of model building by delving into feature engineering. Kaggle’s course covers critical concepts such as what feature engineering is, mutual information, creating features, clustering with k-means, principal component analysis, and target encoding.

Elevate your model-building skills: Link to the course

Deep Learning Crash Course (freeCodeCamp): Ready to take a deep dive into deep learning? freeCodeCamp’s Deep Learning Crash Course for beginners offers a comprehensive overview of fundamental elements, including neural networks, activation functions, loss functions, regularization, convolutional neural networks, and more.

Delve into the depths of deep learning: Link to the course

IBM Data Science: If your interest lies in data science, then this course has you covered. This course is divided into six sections, covering Introduction to Data Science, Relational Databases and Relational Algebra, The MapReduce Model and No SQL Systems, Predictive Analytics, Information Extraction and Data Integration, and Communicating Insights.

Explore the realms of data management: Link to the course


These courses cover everything from Python to machine learning and provide a basis for your future travels in the data-driven cosmos. They serve as a roadmap for aspiring data scientists. Recall that becoming a data science master is more about your acquired knowledge and talents than it is about your diploma.

Savor the journey of discovery as you set off on your educational journey. Let those certifications serve as your prized possessions and evidence that you have mastered the field of data science. The path ahead is evident; take advantage of these free classes, absorb the information, and become a certified data science champion!

Happy learning with these amazing free data science courses, and cheers to the adventure!

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