Use AI with Google Maps to Create a Side Income


Hey there, friends! It’s Vasav Trehan here, and I’m super excited to introduce you to something really special – our “100 Days, 100 Ways to Make Money” challenge. This initiative is all about exploring innovative, yet practical ways to earn income, especially for students, housewives, and anyone looking to add a little extra to their wallet without the need for heavy investment. 

In this series, we’re diving deep into a variety of unique business models, each designed to be accessible and executable with minimal upfront costs. The idea is simple: empower you with knowledge and strategies that can turn your entrepreneurial spirit into tangible results. Whether you’re a coding whiz, a creative mind, or someone just starting out in the world of side hustles, this series has something for everyone.

One such idea we’re exploring is leveraging technology to offer high-demand services, like creating websites for local businesses. This concept is brilliant in its simplicity and effectiveness. We’re tapping into the vast potential of AI to streamline the process, making it possible for anyone, regardless of technical expertise, to offer professional website services. The process is straightforward – identify businesses in need, offer them a solution, and let AI do the heavy lifting while you manage and earn. 

This approach isn’t just about making money; it’s about learning, growing, and embracing the power of technology to create opportunities. Stay tuned as we unfold more such ideas, and together, let’s make this journey both enriching and profitable.

So, are you ready to join me on this exciting venture? Let’s dive in and discover the many ways we can make money smartly and efficiently!

Business Idea

Using Google Maps to Find Profitable Niches

Discovering Local Businesses with Google Maps

First things first, let’s dive into how we can use Google Maps to spot local businesses. Google Maps is an incredible tool for exploring nearby areas and finding businesses that might need your services. You can search for specific types of businesses in a chosen area – think of something like “Salons in Navi Mumbai.” This search will give you a list of all the salons in that area, including those that might not have a strong online presence yet.

Selecting a Profitable Location and Niche

Choosing the right location and niche is crucial for this business model. You want to look for areas with a high density of potential clients but low competition. For instance, if you choose a location like Navi Mumbai, it’s essential to research the market demand and competition level in that area. If there are many salons but few of them have a solid online presence, you’ve hit a jackpot!

Utilizing Google Maps with Extensions for Research

1. Installing the Extension

 Head over to the Google Web Store and install the G Business Explorer extension or simply use the link provided: [G Business Explorer Extension]( This tool is about to become your best friend in identifying businesses that need your help.

2. Conducting Your Research

Once installed, open Google Maps and enter your target area and niche, like “Salons in Navi Mumbai” Hit the ‘Find’ button on the extension, and watch as it works its magic.

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3. Understanding the Data

The extension quickly pulls out detailed information about each business listed on Google Maps. You’ll get everything from their website, contact number, email, and even social media profiles. It’s a goldmine of data that you’d typically spend hours compiling manually.

Let’s take an example to give you a better idea. Suppose you’re looking into the Jawed Habib Hair and Beauty Salon in JB Nagar. The extension will lay out all the essentials for you in a matter of seconds. You’ll see their average rating of 4.5 stars from a hefty 931 reviews, the address right by the Mumbai Airport T2 Terminal, and their listing of services ranging from haircuts to waxing. Plus, you’ll get a direct link to their reviews and their website, which seems to be hosted on a domain.

What does this mean for you? With this extension, you can quickly identify whether a business has an outdated or subpar online presence and pitch them a modern, AI-created website that could enhance their digital footprint. Remember, the key here is efficiency and precision. By getting all the necessary information in one click, you can focus your efforts on creating personalized pitches that address the specific needs and gaps in a business’s online presence.

So go on, give it a try, and see how many businesses you can find that could benefit from a little Vasav magic!

Pitching Website Creation to Businesses

Deciding on Location and Business Niche: 

– Select a target area and business niche where you see a demand for online presence, like “beauty salons in South Mumbai” or “family restaurants in Bangalore”.

Crafting an Effective Pitch for Website Creation Services: 

– Focus on the benefits: more customers, professional online presence, and staying competitive.

– Keep it short, direct, and personalized to the business’s needs.

– Highlight the ease and hassle-free process of setting up their new website.

Understanding the Needs and Concerns of Local Business Owners:

– Acknowledge their current success and how a website could augment it.

– Address concerns about time investment and technical requirements.

– Emphasize affordability and the potential return on investment.

Sample Message Templates:

1. Friendly Introduction

“Hi [Business Owner’s Name], I’ve been enjoying [a specific service/product they offer], and it struck me that more people should know about you. Have you ever considered a website to showcase your services?”

2. Highlighting Benefits

“Hello [Business Owner’s Name], hope you’re well! A website could really amplify your [business’s unique selling point]. It’s a great way to attract more eyes to your fantastic work!”

3. Soft Sell

“Hey [Business Owner’s Name]! I was thinking about how a sleek new website could really tell the story of your business and draw in the crowd. Let’s chat about this?”

4. Direct Offer  

“Hi [Business Owner’s Name], I specialize in helping businesses like yours grow online. A website is the first step towards that growth. Interested in a quick chat?”

5. Service Highlight  

“Good day [Business Owner’s Name]! Did you know a website can increase customer engagement? I’d love to discuss how this could work specifically for [their business niche].”

Sample Email Templates:

1. Formal Introduction  

Subject: Enhance Your Business’s Online Presence  

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“Dear [Business Owner’s Name],  

I’m reaching out to offer a service that could significantly benefit [Business Name]: professional website creation. With a focus on engaging customers and highlighting your unique services, a custom website could be a game-changer for your business. Let’s discuss how we can make this happen.”

2. Highlighting Local Success  

Subject: Let’s Share Your Local Success with the World  

“Hi [Business Owner’s Name],  

As a thriving local business, [Business Name] has made a substantial impact in [location]. A dedicated website can share your success story and services with a broader audience. Let’s explore this opportunity together.”

3. Solving a Problem  

Subject: Solving [Business Name]’s Online Visibility Challenge  

“Dear [Business Owner’s Name],  

I’ve noticed that while [Business Name] offers exceptional services, many potential customers search online for these services and might not find you. A well-crafted website is the solution, and I can guide you through each step.”

4. Invitation to Discuss

Subject: Your Invitation to Expand [Business Name]’s Reach  

“Hello [Business Owner’s Name],  

I’d like to invite you to consider an opportunity that could expand [Business Name]’s reach: a new website. This is more than just an online trend; it’s a business necessity. Let’s discuss how a website can fit into your growth strategy.”

5. Offering a Partnership

Subject: Partnering with [Business Name] for Online Growth  

“Hi [Business Owner’s Name],  

In today’s digital world, having an online presence is crucial. I offer a partnership that includes crafting a website that represents [Business Name] online as brilliantly as it does offline. Interested in learning more?”

Remember to customize each template with specific details about the business to show that you’ve done your homework and are genuinely interested in helping them grow.

Leveraging AI for Website Creation

In the realm of website development, AI tools like Mixo offer a revolutionary approach that simplifies the process and makes it accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical expertise. Let’s delve into how AI is changing the game and the specific benefits it brings.


AI tools like Mixo streamline the website creation process by automating design and development. With Mixo, you input your ID, and the AI springs into action, crafting a website tailored to your needs. It’s programmed to understand your requirements and preferences to generate a unique online presence for you or your business.

Benefits of Using AI Over Traditional Website Development Methods:

Speed: AI significantly cuts down the time required to build a website from scratch.

Customization: Although automated, AI tools like Mixo can generate personalized designs and content.

Cost-Effectiveness: Reduces costs by minimizing the need for a development team.

Ease of Use: Simplifies the website creation process, making it user-friendly for non-technical individuals.

Iterative Design: Allows you to quickly generate and review multiple design options before finalizing.

Building a Website with Mixo:

Starting Up: Input your ID on Mixo’s platform to initiate the AI-powered website creation.

Reviewing the Draft: The AI generates the initial version of the website, complete with a proposed headline, color scheme, and images.

Exploring Options: If the first draft isn’t to your liking, you can prompt Mixo to generate alternative designs.

Saving and Customizing: Once you choose a design, you can save it and further customize elements like the branding and imagery to your preference.

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Publishing: With the design set, you can publish your website, making it live for visitors to see.

Lead Capture: The website can include functionality to capture the contact details of potential customers, helping you build your audience.

By leveraging AI, specifically tools like Mixo, the website development process becomes more agile, allowing business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to quickly establish a professional online presence. You can find more about Mixo and its offerings by visiting their website directly at Mixo.

Cost Analysis and Pricing Strategy

When considering the costs involved with website creation, particularly when using AI tools like Mixo, you need to take into account the subscription or service fees associated with the tool. For Mixo, this could involve a range of pricing tiers, each offering different features and services. Their charges may vary based on the level of customization, the number of websites you can host, access to advanced features, and the level of customer support.

Here’s how to analyze costs and formulate a pricing strategy:

Understand Mixo’s Pricing Structure: Visit Mixo’s pricing page to understand the different plans they offer. Take note of the monthly or annual costs, and what features each plan includes.

Calculate Your Overheads: Consider the cost of the plan that best suits the needs of the services you’re offering. Include any additional costs as well.

Set Competitive Prices: Research what others are charging for similar services. You want to remain competitive, so price your services in a range that’s attractive to clients but still reflects the quality and value you provide.

Determine Your Profit Margins: Based on the above costs, set a price that allows you to make a reasonable profit. Ensure that the profit margin justifies the effort and resources you invest in providing the service.

Mixo offers three pricing plans for its AI-powered website builder:

1. Basic Site at $9/month (~₹750), suitable for individuals or aspiring entrepreneurs needing a simple site.

2. Growth Site at $19/month(~₹1,600), aimed at business owners seeking a more professional website with up to 5 pages.

3. Premium Site at $39/month(~₹3,350), for established businesses requiring a comprehensive website with up to 50 pages.

Choosing an annual payment option can save you 20% off these prices. They also offer a 7-day free trial to test premium features.


In conclusion, the journey of scaling and diversifying your website creation business involves a strategic approach towards automation and expanded service offerings. Embrace AI for efficiency, tap into the vast potential of digital marketing, and offer a suite of services that complement your core offering. With these steps, you are well on your way to transforming your business into a dynamic, growth-oriented enterprise. Ready to take the next step? Dive in, and let’s make your digital mark.

Scaling Up: Automate processes using AI to handle more clients, expand marketing efforts to reach a wider audience, and consider hiring freelancers for increased demand.

Diversifying Services: Include SEO optimization, social media management, content creation, and maintenance packages as part of your service offerings to provide a comprehensive digital presence solution.



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